Mackay DevTeam rumbo a la WWDC

Participación del equipo en la competencia de entradas al evento.

Estas últimas semanas el equipo de desarrollo del colegio, conformado por : Carlos Léniz, Rodrigo Vallejo y Matías Barrientos, ha estado arreglando los últimos detalles para su inscripción en una posible participación en la WWDC 2016 California, organizada por Apple, que reúne a los máximos potenciales en el ámbito de la tecnología para lanzar nuevas herramientas de desarrollo.

Hace ya unos años, se realiza el concurso para 250 estudiantes de distintas partes del mundo que quieran asistir y necesitan un financiamiento para todo los gastos que implica un viaje, además de si quiera la posibilidad de conseguir un pase, que son sorteados para el resto de las personas.

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Ellos tuvieron que crear no solo la aplicación, sino que además un par de ensayos para que el equipo de evaluación Apple los conociera un poco más.

Why did you choose the iOS features and technologies that you used in your app? What were your biggest technical challenges in implementing these features and technologies, and how did you overcome them? If given more time, what would you add or improve upon?

Our team choose iOS as we always had feel close to Apple products, each of us have an iPhone and Mac computers, and we always thought how it would be to crea te an app. As the engineer of our school encouraged us to make one, we instantly thought of iOS, with it features and technologies, we thought we could create and app the whole school community could enjoy, being useful for students, teachers and parents.

We wanted to be build an app with high standards, using the bunch of technologies available through iOS, like the brand new 3D Touch, as we three were fascinated of this amazing new technology. It was a little bit of a challenge as we couldn’t tested it because neither of us had an iPhone 6s, until we could access one from a junior from our School, to notice it didn’t work. Thanks to that we got the possibility to x the bug and nally it worked correctly. We felt like real developers.

Another technology used was location, as we help people outside the School get directions to the establishment inside our app. We also used the edge gesture as we wanted an easy one-hand use, as some students are constantly carrying stuff around the school, not being able to use both hands.

If we had have more time to add more features to our app, we would work on Apple Watch compatible app, making even easier to follow the school schedule and catch up with the latest news and also we would like to implement de iBeacon service to make an detailed map of the school, and with that give a detailed turn-by-turn experience inside the school, you could never get lost. Finally, we want to create a close messaging network for students, so they could get help from other students and older classmates, or ask teachers questions about exams or homework, all encrypted and stored in our own school servers.

If you worked on this app as a team, tell us about your team structure. How did you divide the work? What were your biggest challenges in integrating the components that each of you worked on?

We were a team of three people, so we divided the work in three parts: code, design and gathering information. We all worked on the code, but we tried to focus our work in the main areas to have the best performance possible.

One teammate was the head of coding, writing the majority of code, another one gathered the necessary information of what our community wanted in an app, as we study on a school of almost a 800 students each with different opinions a needs and also work on he code team, and the third one did the visuals and design, bringing life to the code in a stylish way inspired by Apple guidelines of color patterns.

The biggest challenges to integrate work with was the design and code areas, as the design team-mate a had very specifically and sometimes complicated ideas on the layout of the app, being out of our coding reaching. That made us work on more creative ways to do code in the way we could have a functional, intuitive and stylish app, all within our technical capacities. Needless said, also make us study more and learn code us we never had, amplifying our knowledge.

I worked on the management and learning , and as we three wanted to participate, we all sent different applications forms with the same text, in hopes you would consider the three of us, as we are a team.

Por Rodrigo Vallejo |



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